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Helping You Wipe The Slate Clean Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Living under the weight of serious debt is something that no one wants. Sometimes, it can feel impossible to get through it and move forward. However, you can obtain a fresh start by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

At Acquaviva Law Offices, LLC, I will take the time to thoroughly examine your circumstances to help you determine if filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you. My name is Alfred Acquaviva, and I have over 30 years of experience representing clients in Passaic County and throughout New Jersey. You can trust me to provide valuable guidance throughout the bankruptcy process so you can focus on your future.

Understanding How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can Help You Start Over

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy has many benefits that can help you start fresh. One major benefit is that in the majority of cases, you get to keep your home if you are current on your mortgage payments. If you fall behind on your mortgage, there are still other bankruptcy options to help you keep your home.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges a variety of debts, including:

  • Credit card debt
  • Medical bills
  • Utility bills
  • Past due rent
  • Repossessed vehicles
  • Some personal loans

However, Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not discharge spousal and child support debt, most student loans and government fines. It also will impact your credit score for up to ten years.

To qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must pass a means test that compares your monthly income with the median monthly income in New Jersey. If the means test finds that your disposable income is too high to qualify, you may still be able to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead.

You Deserve A Fresh Start

Everyone deserves a fresh start and a chance at a more financially secure future. I am here to help you find options that give you the chance you deserve. To schedule a free initial consultation, call my Hawthorne office at 973-869-5805 or fill out my online contact form. Hablamos español.

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