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Facing assault charges in New Jersey means you are likely anxious about your future and rightfully so. A mere accusation could impact your job and relationships – and a conviction will almost certainly multiply your hardships.

I am Alfred V. Acquaviva, a Passaic County assault attorney who once served as a prosecutor. At Acquaviva Law Offices, LLC, I stand ready to use the insight gained from this experience to relentlessly defend you against assault charges in New Jersey.

New Jersey Assault Laws Are Extremely Complicated

Assault is a violent offense in criminal law, even with minimal contact, with courts prioritizing punishment and deterrence. As a result, judges sentence those convicted of certain assault charges harshly.

Simple assault with minor injury is the least severe charge, but it can still lead to fines and possible jail time. Here are some details about more serious assault charges in Passaic County.

Aggravated assault encompasses a broader range of scenarios than just causing injury. It can apply when someone commits a simple assault involving these factors:

  • With reckless disregard for human life
  • With a deadly weapon
  • Against public servants like police officers or firefighters
  • When it causes a permanent injury or involves kidnapping or carjacking

New Jersey also has an assault by auto or vessel law that can lead to minor or severe charges, depending on the details of the incident.

A Skilled Assault Lawyer Can Help Turn The Tide

The New Jersey criminal justice system can be complex. Not understanding even one critical legal term or court appearance could undermine your defense substantially. I will help you understand every element of your case, ensuring that you make informed decisions.

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