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How could a DUI affect my job?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Drunk Driving

Getting a DUI has immediate effects, but it also can have other consequences that you do not realize right away. At the moment of the incident, you may go to jail and officers may impound your vehicle.

However, after you deal with these initial issues, you will then have to worry about having this on your criminal record and how that could impact your professional life. BACtrack explains a DUI conviction on your record can lead to losing your job or being unable to work in certain professions.

Driving occupations

If you work in a field where you drive, such as a delivery driver or a truck driver, you may not be able to continue working. It often depends on the exact charges and penalties of your case. However, getting a DUI makes you more of insurance risk and overall risk to the company, so they may want to cut ties with you.

Background checks

Companies that run background checks will usually not hire someone who has a DUI. The fear is you may have issues with alcohol, and whether discriminatory or not, many employers do not want to take the risk. Besides an alcohol addiction, a DUI can make you seem less trustworthy and reliable.

There are also some professions where it is not possible to hire anyone with certain crimes in their background. For example, if you face felony DUI charges, you will have a hard time working in any medical career.

Losing your job

The time associated with clearing up a DUI charge could result in your employer letting you go. Your employer does not have to excuse time off for court dates, probation meetings or time spent in jail. If you have to do community service or go to counseling, that also may interfere with work, which could be unacceptable to your employer.