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Can a back injury affect your employment?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Personal Injury

When you hurt your back at work, you might expect to take a day or two off and return on a slightly less arduous shift. But back injury incidents actually make up the biggest reason for missed time in the modern workplace.

Unfortunately, this means that even a simple back injury could potentially impact your employability. But how so?

Taking time off work

Very Well Health discusses states of back injury. Of course, the extent of damage you suffer from in your back injury dictates how long it will take to heal, along with potential complications that may arise. However, back injuries will almost always take several weeks to months for full recovery, even with the more mild injuries.

Of course, not many people can afford to take that much time off from work. Many people can hardly afford to take a few days off in a month. But if you try to return to work without healing a back injury fully, you will almost certainly worsen it and lengthen the total amount of healing time you will have to deal with.

The consequences of returning too early

On top of that, you will not have the ability to return to work fully if you go back with a still-healing injury. Your lack of ability to carry out your job duties might hinder you to a point that your higher-ups take notice, and it could negatively impact you.

For these reasons, many victims of back injuries at work choose to seek compensation. It ultimately helps with the balance between medical expenses and a lack of solid and reliable income.