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Can you avoid DUI traps?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Drunk Driving

A DUI trap – formally known as DUI checkpoints – exist along highways and other high-traffic areas of the road. Police use these checkpoints as a way to potentially find intoxicated drivers, removing them from the road and thus improving the safety of everyone else.

Drivers may not want to go through for many reasons, though. But is it actually legal to avoid a DUI checkpoint?

Police watch for illegal driving behaviors

LifeSafer discusses the ways that a driver can legally avoid a DUI checkpoint. First, it is entirely possible to simply turn around and find an alternative route. The tricky part involves turning around in a way that will not get the police involved.

In essence, police will keep an eye out for people turning away from the checkpoint on suspicion that they have a nefarious reason for wanting to do so. They will thus look for any reason to pull a turning car over, including speeding, driving over a solid line, cutting off a vehicle, driving recklessly, or making an illegal U-turn.

Reasons police may pull you over

Even if a driver avoids all of these issues, however, it is still possible that they will end up pulled over. An officer can pull a car over for small infractions too, such as expired plate tags or broken headlights. If they have reason to suspect intoxicated driving after already pulling a car over, they can then request a BAC test that a driver cannot – or should not – refuse.

Thus, a driver should only make an attempt to avoid a DUI checkpoint if they have faith an officer will not find reason to pull them over as they leave.