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What are the most common injuries in motorcycle accidents?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Personal Injury

Motorcycles offer great thrills and excitement because they bring a feeling of freedom and independence. However, that exhilaration also increases the odds of an injury because riders lack the protections that automobiles have.

Reports show that 14% of traffic fatalities are motorcyclists, despite only 3% of vehicles being motorcycles. Riders should be aware of the most common injuries and prepare to get the appropriate help if an accident occurs.

Road rash

Road rash describes the intense scrapes and burns a rider experiences after falling from a bike and hitting or sliding across the ground. A road rash injury requires deep cleaning to stave off infection and may require long-term treatment to help the wound heal.

In addition to safe riding practices, riders should wear protective clothing that minimizes the odds of experiencing road rash. Gloves, a full-length jacket and pants can prevent painful injuries.

Leg and foot injuries

The lower part of the body is often the first area to experience an injury in a crash. Riders could sustain a break or a fracture in the lower extremities. There may be little a rider can do to prevent foot and leg injuries in a collision, but learning evasive maneuvers and how to fall from a bike can limit the extent of the damage.

Head, neck and spine injuries

The most severe injuries involve the head, neck and spine. Such damage can permanently hinder mobility and require extensive treatment. The optimal way to protect the head is wearing a helmet, even on short rides. Motorcyclists should be in the habit of riding defensively to avoid such severe trauma.

No one can eliminate the possibility of an accident. Still, awareness of the dangers and potential injuries can help travelers take the proper precautions and get sufficient attention after a collision.