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What are the types of zoning laws in New Jersey?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2023 | Real Estate Law

Land zoning is integral to urban planning and development everywhere. Such laws promote population growth and protect the interests of everyone.

Various land zoning regulations exist across the Garden State. Each category serves a distinct role.


Residential zoning is about housing. It separates areas into different residential categories. These include single-family, multi-family and mixed-use zones.


For entrepreneurs, the local hiring pool is especially desirable. Over 44% of New Jersey residents hold degrees from higher-level academic institutions. Knowing this makes it easier for startups to look for commercially zoned areas that meet their needs.

When lots of new businesses move into an area, there is a need for government regulation and careful planning. Zoning laws designate specific areas for different types of establishments.


Industrial zoning concerns manufacturing and industrial activities. Limiting factories to specific areas prevents noise and pollution from becoming a nuisance in well-populated areas.


New Jersey is famous for its agricultural output. Lawmakers use zoning regulations to preserve land for growing award-winning fruits and vegetables. Their efforts set the stage for farming sustainability.

Open space

Open space zoning laws preserve parks and recreational spaces. They forbid development on specific sections of land. This assures that residents can enjoy access to green spaces and outdoor recreation.


Certain buildings have intrinsic merit and deserve preservation. Zoning regulations promote the maintenance of these historical sites.

Zoning is a complex aspect of urban planning and development. States use these types of regulations to make sure land stays available for all uses. It is important to understand the allowed uses before purchasing or leasing property.