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How can a TBI impact how you interact with others?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2023 | Personal Injury

A traumatic brain injury, otherwise known as a TBI, can rock a person’s world. It reshapes one’s physical capabilities and influences how they interact with the world around them.

Interpersonal interactions undergo serious changes as individuals grapple with the aftermath of a TBI. One way to help is to shed light on the challenges individuals may face in their quest for meaningful connections.

Communication style differences

1.7 million Americans currently face a TBI. One consequence of this injury is the change in communication styles. Individuals who once easily conveyed thoughts and ideas may find themselves failing to make sense to others.

The struggle to express oneself coherently can lead to frustration, which often results in decreased social interactions. Rebuilding communication skills becomes an important aspect of post-TBI life.

Cognitive challenges

TBI often brings about other cognitive challenges as well. Memory lapses, attention deficits and difficulties with mental functions can harm social connections.

Navigating through this time requires more awareness and adaptability. Friends and family may need to adjust their expectations and provide additional support.


The journey post-TBI can be isolating. Individuals grapple with serious emotional upheaval at this time.

The emotional toll of a TBI may impact mood regulation, making it important for the individual to work on emotional resilience. Understanding and patience become tools for sustaining relationships during this period of adjustment.

New social roles and identity

A TBI often leads to a reevaluation of one’s social roles and identity. Formerly independent individuals may find themselves needing others for support and assistance. The shift in roles can be challenging, requiring a collective effort to redefine expectations and responsibilities.

A person’s first thoughts after a TBI are likely not about social skills and interactions. However, these prove to be some of the most impactful parts of life post-injury. By fostering understanding, people can promote a supportive environment that contributes to the overall well-being of those impacted by traumatic brain injury.